• Third FCS 2710 for HST fleet January 21, 2019
    Damen and High Speed Transfers Ltd (HST) have signed a contract for a third FCS 2710 fast crew supply vessel, for delivery in September this year.
  • New diving offering for utilities sector January 21, 2019
    The SMS Group has partnered with Kent-based M&E experts Mechanica Utilities to provide tailored diving services to the utilities sector.
  • ARC Explorer Mk-II Side Scan Sonar delivered January 21, 2019
    Ireland-based River Moy Search & Rescue (RMSR) has taken delivery of an ARC Explorer Mk-II Side Scan Sonar to become the first in the world to operate the new system.
  • First offshore provider takes HELM O course January 21, 2019
    CWind has become the first offshore sector provider to undertake Modal Training’s Human Element, Leadership and Management (HELM Operational) course.
  • Commercial power platform to undergo testing January 18, 2019
    A new 150KW capacity renewable energy power platform utilising wave, solar, wind and current energy will undergo 18 months of testing.

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