• SHOCK-MIT shock mitigation ranges at Seawork May 18, 2018
    SHOCK-MIT will showcase its new ranges of shock mitigation solutions designed for combating whole body vibration at Seawork 2018.
  • Oil dispersal: making it easier to get it right May 18, 2018
    “The use of dispersant for oil is controversial,” said John Hughes of Ayles Fernie. “If you pour dispersant into the sea, it just creates another issue on top of your original problem.”
  • A Z-Bow for Zenith May 18, 2018
    The hull form under Njord Offshore’s new support vessel, 'Zenith', is an interesting response to recent evolutionary pressures within the windfarm industry: it’s looking at transporting more cargo, more fuel – and, since those long-awaited regulatory changes, more than a dozen technicians at a time.
  • Moving the big ship May 18, 2018
    Outreach has been involved in some interesting projects since last year’s Seawork show.
  • Liebherr’s CBO space-saver May 18, 2018
    Liebherr has a new take on an established crane: the CBO (Compact Board Offshore) series, with its A-frame base and lattice boom, offers inherent stability paired with a very neat footprint.

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