Job type: Voluntary

Remuneration: Voluntary

Location: North England

Closing Date: Ongoing


There is now a unique opportunity to work on a 107 year old river tug, the M.V. Primrose berthed at Hull.

This tug was the last working tug in the UK until it was retired into private ownership just over four years ago.We are looking for a couple of new volunteers to join the 2/3 existing ones who have put in nearly six months work on the vessel (two days per week) The object is to get it ready for sea so it can be put into dry dock for survey within the next six months. Someone who can do a couple of hours a week on Tuesday and/or Thursday, or someone who could work intensively for just a few weeks would be equally welcome.


a love of old ships, ability to work flexibly and amicably with others, keenness to get tasks done, but working at your own pace and above all a “safety first” approach to all tasks. Basically, the whole ship has a major need of de-rusting, priming and painting. Welding and engineering skills are always very much in demand, but average DIY skills and common sense would be a minimum skill level. You would need to be reasonably nimble and with a good sense of balance, both to come on and off the ship, usually by ladder and to work on different decks (mostly with no handrails).Besides working on the ship, there is ample scope for those who prefer to do organisational work such as fund-raising, web design and those who can advise on setting up a preservation society, limited company or charity, one of which may be the best way forward to involve more people in supporting the ship and preserving it in working order for future generations.

The boat is moored in a secure dock and any visitors must please make an appointment first by contacting Paul Thompson on 07921310220 who can give you any further information.